How to remove/uninstall


Windows Control Panel

  1. Open "Start" menu
  2. Click on "Control Panel"
  3. Click "Programs" > "Add/Remove" or "Uninstall"
  4. Select "SearchAwesome"
  5. Right-Click and select "Uninstall"

Chrome Extension

When installed from the Chrome Webstore only

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Click the Tools menu"
  3. Select Extensions
  4. Click Disable or Uninstall

Cookies containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information) may remain after the uninstall process. The remaining SearchAwesome cookies can be removed following your web browser help file directions.

On Mac OSX


  1. Go to Applications
  2. Looks for spi
  3. Move spi to the Trash


  1. Open the Chrome "Settings" menu
  2. Open "Extensions"
  3. Click on the "Trash" icon


  1. Open the "Tools" menu
  2. Select "Add-ons"
  3. Click "Remove"


  1. Open the "Preferences" menu
  2. Select the "Extensions" tab
  3. Click "Uninstall"